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man with cerebral palsy smiling at the camera in Pennsylvania

Legal Options for Families Affected by SQCP

Dealing with the aftermath of a birth injury can be overwhelming, especially when it results in spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Families in Pennsylvania facing this challenge often seek legal aid to understand their rights and explore viable solutions. This guide aims to provide clear, actionable information on the legal options available to you. Raynes & […]

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newborn feet being held by a neonatal nurse's hand

Legal Recourse for Shoulder Dystocia Birth Injuries in PA

  Shoulder dystocia is a medical emergency that can occur during childbirth, potentially leading to serious birth injuries. If your child has suffered harm due to this complication in Pennsylvania, you may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure of your legal options. As a birth injury lawyer, I’m here to help you understand your rights and […]

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vacuum extractor delivery in PA

Medical Negligence in Forceps & Vacuum Extractor Deliveries

The birth of your child should be a joyous occasion. But when medical negligence during delivery leads to serious injuries, it can be devastating. If your baby suffered harm due to improper use of forceps or vacuum extractors in Philadelphia, you may be feeling overwhelmed, angry, and unsure where to turn. Know that you’re not […]

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a female minor with cerebral palsy in Pennsylvania

What is a Cerebral Palsy lawyer?

If your child has cerebral palsy due to a birth injury, you may be scared and confused about what to do. A Pennsylvania CP lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and get money to pay for your child’s medical care. Raynes & Lawn Trial Lawyers has decades of experience guiding clients through birth […]

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