Category: Birth Injury

Can a Baby Get Stuck in the Birth Canal?

Because of being too large for their mothers’ birth canals or being in the wrong position or presentation, babies can sometimes get stuck during the labor and delivery process. Doctors and other labor and delivery staff are supposed to monitor the babies and mothers throughout pregnancy and before and during labor to identify risks so […]

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Can Epidurals Cause Back Pain Years Later?

Epidural injections during labor can help to relieve the pain associated with contractions and delivery. However, some women who received epidurals during labor report back pain that persists for years. While an epidural injection might leave you with some soreness at the injection site for several days or weeks, it is not typical for people […]

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Can You Get Cerebral Palsy After Birth?

Cerebral palsy is a lifelong condition that can cause physical and intellectual disabilities. While this condition might be diagnosed several years after birth, that does not mean that people can get the condition later in life. Here is what you should know about cerebral palsy and its causes from the attorneys at Raynes & Lawn. […]

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