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It can be a challenge to find the right personal injury attorney. Many people are overwhelmed by the process. You need to find the right lawyer for your situation. Some attorneys limit their practice to medical malpractice, while other law firms have the experience to help in all matters resulting in personal injury.

In other words, attorneys come in all shapes and sizes. When you need to find a lawyer for a personal injury case, you want to choose lawyers who will be your best advocates. The attorneys at Raynes & Lawn have the experience and proven results to help you with your potential claim.

Personal injury attorneys

If you have been involved in a serious injury, you need to speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer. For those families who have suffered the loss of a loved one, it might also be time to discuss your legal options.

Throughout the years, we have represented clients in personal injury cases. These neglectful actions can cause temporary or permanent damages. As a result, you or your family could face severe financial difficulties due to lost wages, increased medical bills, and untimely deaths.

When you have been injured by the carelessness of another individual, all those emotional and monetary damages can be significant. Whether you were injured by a distracted driver, poorly maintained public space, or any other type of negligent act, you have to face some life-changing decisions. In many cases, you can take those responsible to court for monetary and emotional damages.

Auto Accident Attorneys

It is no surprise that devastating injuries can result when tons of metal collide at high speeds. Unfortunately, it is not easy to understand the legal maze of your own auto insurance policy and your rights for a fair recovery. The attorneys of Raynes & Lawn can guide you through that maze and represent you, as we have represented the victims of car accidents for over fifty years.

Car accidents frequently involve just two parties: our clients and those who injured them because of unsafe driving. A Raynes & Lawn attorney not only helped write Pennsylvania auto law for these types of accidents, but he also wrote the book explaining the law to other attorneys.

To achieve positive results for our clients, we work with accident reconstructionists, highway design engineers, trucking safety experts, and leading industry specialists. When it’s time to explain an accident to a jury, we develop advanced computer animations that make the truth very clear.

Suffering serious injuries in a car accident because of the actions of another person or company can be devastating. After an accident, you may face increasing medical expenses, combined with lost pay and other financial losses. These added stresses can make it harder for you to recover from your injuries. If you have lost a loved one in a car accident that was caused by someone else, you may be facing substantial losses while you are trying to grieve.

At Raynes & Lawn, our auto accident attorneys advocate for each of our clients to recover damages in amounts that will fairly compensate them for all of their losses. We can handle the negotiations and legal process for you so that you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries.

We can help with the following:

Premises Liability Attorneys

Property owners are responsible for ensuring that their property is safe for the public. For instance, property owners cannot leave ice that has built up on a sidewalk, keep leaky equipment in use as water puddles on the floor, or fail to repair broken parking lot pavements. When someone is injured because a commercial or private property owner has not fulfilled their important responsibility, the attorneys of Raynes & Lawn are here to help.

Many people are injured each year while they are visiting the property of others. Each state has its own laws and regulations which determine a property owner’s liability. Pennsylvania, like most states, requires businesses and private property owners to maintain their properties in relatively hazard-free and safe conditions. When they fail to do so, they may be liable under a legal theory called premises liability. Premises liability lawsuits are pursued in cases in which an injury is directly or proximately caused by a defective or unsafe condition on the property of
someone else.

For over 50 years our firm has represented individuals who have suffered severe injuries from an owner’s failure to keep his or her property safe. Depending upon the case, we call upon experts in accident reconstruction, biomechanics, zoning and building codes, metallurgy, and building maintenance and design to illustrate how a property owner failed to keep their property safe.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys

When doctors and nurses treat patients, they take on a big responsibility. Human error—which is made more likely by financial pressure from insurance companies to cut corners and reduce time spent with patients—can cause lifelong injury or even death. People place their trust in doctors at a time when they are at their most vulnerable when even a small mistake can cause catastrophe.

For decades, the attorneys at Raynes & Lawn have come to the aid of victims of medical negligence. Working with a team of trained healthcare professionals, we make the initial analysis as to whether we recommend filing a claim. Our attorneys have represented clients whose care involved almost every area of medicine, including obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, cancer, radiology, emergency care, cardiology, surgery, and orthopedics.

We approach each client’s case with dedication and concern. Our relationship with our clients has earned us the respect of the lawyers and insurance carriers who defend doctors and hospitals. They ask us to represent their families when negligence has occurred, and they regularly invite us to help mediate complicated cases where a knowledgeable outsider is needed.

Raynes & Lawn has been recognized as a 2018 Best Law Firm by U.S. News and World Report and has achieved a Tier 1 Ranking in the practice area of medical malpractice law for the Philadelphia metropolitan area. The Tier 1 ranking is the highest honor awarded and is based on several criteria, including client feedback and peer reviews.

We can help with the following:

Sexual Abuse Attorneys

Tragically, tens of thousands of children are sexually abused in the United States every year. Sometimes, access to the children is provided by the very institutions – universities, schools, churches or camps – that are supposed to be protecting them. Using their position of authority and trust, predators can be coaches, teachers or counselors who intimidate the child into not reporting the sex abuse.

For decades, the attorneys at Raynes & Lawn have advocated for these children, working to hold responsible not only the abuser but also the institution that all too often turned its back on the child. Working with counselors experienced in assessing and counseling abused children, Raynes & Lawn works to determine the long-term consequences of the abuse and the child’s needs for treatment. Raynes & Lawn’s fundamental commitment to maintaining client confidentiality is particularly important for the child and family. A goal in every case is not only to secure the child’s financial future but also to help ensure that this never happens again.

Victims of sexual abuse may be left with emotional, psychological, and sometimes physical scars. The compassionate sexual abuse lawyers at Raynes & Lawn are dedicated to helping sexual assault and abuse victims to hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions. Both the perpetrators of sexual abuse and the institutions that fail to protect the people in their care should be held accountable. If you are the victim of sexual abuse, we may be able to help.

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Whether you need a personal injury or sexual abuse attorney, the legal team at Raynes & Lawn is ready to consult with you. Our lawyers can help answer questions about your specific claim. Make sure to call the office at 1-800-535-1797 to schedule a consultation to speak with one of our experienced injury lawyers in Pennsylvania.

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