Firm History

The Founder

Arthur G. Raynes was the founder of the Philadelphia law firm of Raynes McCarty, now known as Raynes & Lawn. He was an internationally recognized trial lawyer who had represented high-profile and seriously injured clients for more than 45 years. Arthur Raynes was a pioneer in pharmaceutical litigation, having successfully represented more than 50 Canadian and American children born with severe birth defects in the 1960s as a result of their mother’s ingestion of the teratogenic drug Thalidomide during pregnancy. During a 17-year span, he traveled the world gathering scientific evidence to prove these children’s birth defects were caused by Thalidomide. The landmark results he eventually achieved changed the landscape of international tort law. His work was featured by the London Sunday Times, and made into a book, Suffer the Children: The Story of Thalidomide.

Arthur G. Raynes

Mr. Raynes served as co-counsel negotiating the largest wrongful-death settlement from a private person in U.S. history for the family of the Olympic wrestler David Schultz, who was murdered by John E. DuPont. Other noteworthy matters include his representation of the Estate of Jessica Savitch, the NBC national news anchor who drowned in an automobile accident in New Hope; the families of 46 oil riggers killed in a Boeing Chinook helicopter accident at an oil rig off the coast of Scotland; the Philadelphia School District in a precedent-setting asbestos abatement and removal case involving more than 800 Philadelphia schools; and the 1,354 Spanish HIV-infected hemophiliacs and their families who contracted the HIV virus as a result of defective blood products.

Building The Team

As Mr. Raynes earned a worldwide reputation for creativity in the courtroom (such as when he had Isaac Stern play his violin for the court to demonstrate how a finger injury can affect a concert violinist), he simultaneously built his practice by inviting leading attorneys to join him who shared his commitment to justice.

Noted criminal prosecutor A. Roy DeCaro was invited into the firm for his skill and acumen in the courtroom. Mr. DeCaro has tried more than 200 cases to verdict, recovering record sums for his clients, including a $10.25 million federal court verdict for a client injured when he dove into an aboveground swimming pool and a $12.5 million dollar verdict for a victim of medical negligence in Delaware County.

Harold I. Goodman, the former director of the Employment Rights Project of Community Legal Services, increased the firm’s strength in the area of civil rights. On behalf of his clients, Mr. Goodman has won four victories in the United States Supreme Court, twelve victories in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and more than thirty victories in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

Stephen Raynes, after clerking for a federal judge and working at a Wall Street law firm, joined his father in tackling complex cases on behalf those who had suffered devastating injuries. Mr. Raynes has continued his father’s commitment to thalidomide victims. Mr. Raynes led a pro bono campaign that resulted in the Canadian Parliament creating in 2015 a $250 million dollar fund for Canadian Thalidomide survivors.

In 2004, the Firm grew significantly when Martin K. Brigham, nationally renowned for representing victims of unsafe products, and Gerald A. McHugh, Jr., one of the most respected trial lawyers in Pennsylvania, moved their practice to Raynes McCarty after the dissolution of the Litvin firm. Following his nomination by President Obama and confirmation by the U.S. Senate, Mr. McHugh was appointed as a Judge for the Eastern District Court of Pennsylvania in May 2014. Click here to read more about Mr. McHugh.

Arthur Raynes and Mr. Brigham first met through their shared belief in the power of videotape settlement brochures to persuasively present their clients’ cases. The Firm now has a full digital editing suite directed by Mr. Brigham. Click here to read more about our settlement videos.

Also joining the Firm from Litvin were: Tim Lawn, who since joining the Firm achieved a $41 million verdict as well as a $23 million verdict for victims of medical negligence; Regina Foley, a former chair of the Women in the Profession Committee of the Philadelphia Bar; and Martina McLaughlin a tireless advocate for her clients. The firm continued to grow, being joined by Dan Bencivenga and Joseph Traub, long-term colleagues of Mr. Brigham.

Following a six-month battle with cancer, founding partner Arthur Raynes died in July 2006, leaving behind many legacies, including a revered legal career and a thriving law firm which continues to embody his ethics and commitment to the client. Click here to read more about Mr. Raynes’ life.

The late Amber Racine, recognized as being a “Lawyer on the Fast Track” and a “Rising Star” joined the Firm in the fall of 2012. Ms. Racine was a past President of the Barristers’ Association of Philadelphia, Inc., and had been appointed by Gov. Wolf to serve on the Judicial Selection Commission.

Steven Raynes & Tim Lawn

Changing Our Name To Honor Our Next Generation Of Leaders

In September 2021, we embarked on a significant transformation by adopting the new name Raynes & Lawn, a symbolic gesture to honor the up-and-coming generation of trial attorneys who will play a pivotal role in preserving and advancing our rich tradition of legal excellence.

With a history spanning over five decades, our firm has consistently set the benchmark for providing unmatched client representation and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. As we embrace this new chapter, we do so with a deep sense of commitment to nurturing the talents and aspirations of the legal professionals who will shape the future of our practice.

Our decision to rebrand to Raynes & Lawn is a reflection of our unwavering dedication to the core principles that have defined us throughout our storied history. It signifies our belief that the legacy we’ve built can only be sustained and elevated by entrusting it to the capable hands of the next generation.

We take pride in the knowledge that the future of our firm is in the capable hands of these emerging legal leaders, who, like us, are committed to delivering exceptional client service and upholding the highest standards of professionalism. Together, we look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence, setting new precedents, and forging a path that honors our past while embracing the opportunities of the future.

You are a client, not a case, at Raynes & Lawn.

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