Cumberland County, NJ Personal Injury Attorneys

Cumberland County, New Jersey residents sometimes experience many different types of accidents. While everyone occasionally suffers accidental injuries that are no one’s fault, some incidents happen because of the reckless, negligent, or intentional conduct of other people or entities. People who are injured because of the careless or reckless actions of others are legally entitled to file negligence lawsuits to recover fair compensation for their injuries and losses. The personal injury lawyers at Raynes & Lawn are prepared to review your claim and help you understand whether it is legally merited. If we decide to accept representation, we will focus on building the strongest possible case to prove the defendant’s liability. Our experience, careful attention, and hard work have helped us attain a highly successful track record for our clients, and we have recovered billions of dollars on their behalf over our more than 50 years of practice.

Personal Injury Attorneys In Cumberland, County, NJ

Many personal injury lawsuits are filed in Cumberland County, New Jersey each year. These cases involve torts, which are known as civil wrongs. People have the right to file personal injury claims against those who have caused them injuries through negligent, reckless, or intentional conduct. By filing injury claims, negligence victims can pursue justice by seeking to hold those responsible for their losses accountable and recover damages.

Some personal injury cases also involve criminal conduct. Even if the state has filed a criminal case against the defendant, the victim can still file a civil lawsuit against the at-fault party at the same time. Personal injury actions might allow a victim to receive justice even if the defendant is found not guilty in a criminal case. This is because the plaintiff in a civil case has a lower burden of proof than a criminal prosecutor does in a criminal case. For example, if you suffered serious injuries in a car accident caused by a drunk driver, you could file a lawsuit against the driver even if they are also facing criminal charges for drunk driving in a separate criminal matter.

Auto Accident Attorneys In Cumberland County, NJ

Motor vehicle collisions happen so frequently in Cumberland County that many people view them as basic annoyances. However, some collisions are serious and cause much more than property damage and repair costs. In some auto accidents, people are left with disabling injuries or are killed. Auto accident injury claims are much more complex than property damage-only car accident claims. Insurers typically aggressively defend against claims involving serious injuries because of the amount of money that might be involved.

When you have suffered serious injuries in a car accident because of the actions of another motorist, you should consult with an auto accident attorney at Raynes & Lawn. We will analyze what happened in the accident and work to determine liability so that we can maximize your potential recovery sources. Auto accidents can leave victims facing staggering medical bills, wage losses, property damage, pain and suffering damages, and much more. We believe car accident victims should receive full compensation for their economic and non-economic losses and will do everything we can to achieve justice for you.

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Premises Liability Attorneys In Cumberland County, NJ

In Cumberland County, businesses and other property owners are legally required to maintain their premises in reasonably safe and hazard-free conditions to protect lawfully present visitors from suffering foreseeable injuries. If a property owner discovers or should have discovered a dangerous condition on their property, they must take steps to warn lawfully present visitors about the condition and then correct it within a reasonable time. If you were injured by a hazardous condition on someone else’s property while you were shopping or were present for a lawful purpose, you might be entitled to pursue a premises liability claim against the property owner or business. Our injury attorneys will review what occurred and explain the legal merits of your potential claim.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys In Cumberland County, NJ

Most people expect their medical providers will provide competent, high-quality care and depend on their knowledge and expertise at their jobs. Unfortunately, however, some doctors and other medical providers provide substandard treatment and make serious medical mistakes that result in patient injuries or deaths. If you were seriously injured or lost your loved one because of a provider’s medical errors, you might have grounds to file a medical malpractice claim. This type of lawsuit allows victims to pursue compensation for their losses while also holding the negligent providers accountable for their actions. Our medical malpractice lawyers have fought for the rights of medical negligence victims for decades and can help you understand whether your claim has legal merits.

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Sexual Abuse Attorneys In Cumberland County, NJ

Each year, the news media reports tragic and shocking stories about child sexual abuse cases. It is an unfortunate fact that thousands of American children are sexual abuse victims every year. In some cases, sexual abuse predators are employed in positions of trust at various types of institutions tasked with protecting children in their care. Sexual abuse can happen in schools, preschools, daycare facilities, churches, camps, and more, and the perpetrators can include coaches, teachers, pastors, priests, bus drivers, counselors, and others trusted by the children and their parents.

At Raynes & Lawn, our sexual abuse lawyers are dedicated to holding both the perpetrators of sexual abuse and the institutions that employ them accountable for their egregious actions. When we represent the victims of sexual abuse, we know how difficult these cases can be for the victims. We partner with trained counselors who know how emotionally difficult sexual abuse cases are for victims. Through our work, we try to hold institutions and predators accountable for their actions and expose them for what they have done. By doing so, we strive to prevent other children from being victimized in the future while recovering compensation for our clients.

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