Confidential Multi-Million Dollar Settlement for Woman Burned in Propane Gas Grill Explosion

Concerned about theft, a family stored its propane gas grill in the kitchen when it was not being used. Just before a holiday, the home owner asked her daughter Marian to take the propane cylinder to be refilled. After trying to make sure that the cylinder valve was closed, Marian attempted to disconnect the hose. Unexpectedly, gas escaped, reached a source of ignition and exploded, severely burning Marian. Attorneys Roy DeCaro and Martin Brigham teamed up to represent Marian. They discovered that a safety device — a back check assembly — would have prevented the accident and had been recommended by the Consumer Product Safety Commission for more than a decade. Armed with the minutes from CPSC meetings at which the Defendants fought to delay the use of the safety device, DeCaro and Brigham earned the Court’s permission to seek punitive damages. A video settlement brochure, including a computer animation of the effectiveness of the safety device, facilitated a very successful confidential resolution for Marian.