Confidential Multi-Million Dollar Settlement for Fatal Truck Accident

As traffic on the highway slowed to a stop because a tractor trailer had tipped over a few miles ahead, an inattentive truck driver crashed into the back of a commuter’s car, killing the driver. The trucker’s employer had only one-million dollars in insurance, which was woefully inadequate to compensate the driver’s family for their loss. Regina Foley led the investigation into the accident and developed the evidence to hold the tractor trailer that had tipped over responsible for creating the conditions which inevitably led to the accident. Working with traffic engineers and using traffic flow reports, Ms. Foley was able to create a computer model that demonstrated how the traffic rapidly built up during rush hour behind the overturned truck. As the tie-up moved backwards, it accelerated, reducing the braking distance for the trucker who hit the car. By creating a video settlement brochure, the family’s grief was powerfully conveyed before trial. At mediation, a confidential multi-million dollar settlement – several times more than the limits of coverage for the striking trucker – was achieved which secured the family’s financial future.