Confidential Eight Figure Recovery for Worker Burned Because “Flame Retardant” Uniform Failed

Working at a lead smelter, Tom was splattered with molten metal that had spilled from a crucible. The metal landed on his work uniform, which was supposed to have been flame retardant. The uniform failed, and instead of self extinguishing, provided the fuel to transform, what would have been limited superficial burns, to burns over more than 70% of Tom’s body. Martin Brigham led the team of lawyers in the lawsuit against the uniform supplier. Mr. Brigham established that the uniform company had used the wrong type of fabric. By reenacting the accident with the proper fabric, he was able to establish that Tom’s injuries were directly related to the uniform’s failure. Mr. Brigham was able to secure a settlement for Tom that was described at the time as being the largest pre-trial settlement for a burn survivor in Pennsylvania’s federal courts.