$4,200,000 Settlement for Baby Injured at Birth

After a normal pregnancy and normal fetal monitoring for more than nine hours, baby Ella began to show signs of deterioration. She had some concerning lab results, climbing maternal blood pressure and some variable decelerations on the strip. As labor progressed the signs became more obvious that there could potentially be issues with this delivery and baby Ella’s oxygenation. Despite a prolonged late deceleration requiring fetal resuscitation as well as a non reassuring fetal heart rate tracing, medical personnel failed to recognize the severity of the situation and baby Ella was born limp with no heart rate. Regina Foley prepared the case for trial and retained a team of medical experts to testify that the nursing staff and attending obstetrician failed to appropriately respond to the signs of fetal distress, improperly administered Pitocin, and should have delivered the distressed baby by emergency caesarian section. The birth asphyxia caused by these failures led to permanent brain damage for baby Ella. Regina Foley successfully resolved the case on behalf of Ella and her parents at mediation for $4,200,000.