When a Georgia boy was born, his pediatricians failed to detect that he suffered from maple syrup urine disease (MSUD), a newborn metabolic disorder which prevented him from being able to metabolize certain types of food. When the boy became ill, his parents brought him to the well-respected local hospital. During a protracted stay, the hospital failed to recognize that he was displaying classic symptoms of MSUD and failed to provide the appropriate dietary supplement. Instead the hospital embarked on a course of treatment that caused permanent neurological damage. Because of Chuck Hehmeyer’s national reputation for helping children with metabolic disorders, the family sought his assistance. Mr. Hehmeyer documented the proper diagnosis, established that the proper treatment would have prevented any injury, and demonstrated through compelling video presentation the devastating effects of the medical errors. Prior to trial, the hospital settled the claims against it, and the case went to trial against the pediatricians. The jury agreed completely with Mr. Hehmeyer’s analysis and rendered a verdict in the boy’s favor. The pediatricians then settled, yielding a total confidential recovery exceeding ten million dollars.