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Raynes & Lawn represented a 4-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted by a worker at a private daycare center. A criminal case brought by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office resulted in a hung jury, and the D.A.’s office then chose to discontinue the prosecution of the predator.

Raynes & Lawn became involved almost 10 years later at a time when the child was dealing with difficult emotional issues and had repressed the memory of the assault. Raynes & Lawn’s lawyers brought the case to trial against the sexual predator and against the private daycare center, which had failed to have appropriate oversight of the worker and the child. Raynes & Lawn proved that the child was abused and that the daycare center created an unsafe environment in violation of the safety standard for daycare centers. Raynes & Lawn won a verdict against the sexual predator and against the daycare center, having assembled evidence that was 10 years old. After the verdict, a substantial confidential settlement was reached to take care of the victim.