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While vacationing with his family in Santorini, Greece – one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world – a Massachusetts financial planner was killed when he was swept by a landslide from a cobblestone path leading from the water’s edge up to the cliffs formed by the volcanic eruption that created the island. The travel agency that arranged the trip is based in Pennsylvania and the family was referred to Raynes & Lawn. As we would learn in the course of a year-long investigation, the location where the accident occurred presented the highest landslide risk in the Santorini island complex. Only a year before the accident, a major landslide – prompting news coverage on Greek national television – occurred at precisely the same location where our client would later be killed. Industry practice required the travel agency to keep abreast of safety conditions and warn their customers. Overcoming a defense that the accident was an Act of God that could not have been anticipated, Raynes & Lawn achieved a confidential multi-million dollar settlement that secured the family’s financial future.