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Construction sites are notorious for being a dangerous place to work. In 2021, over 1,000 construction works lost their lives due to a construction accident. Others have been injured and left unable to work. While some injuries are caused by genuine accidents, there is no denying that work-related injuries can be severely debilitating. If you or a loved one are a construction worker in Montgomery County who has suffered from an accident and is unable to work, you may be eligible for compensation. With the help of the experienced Montgomery County construction accident lawyers at Raynes & Lawn, you can fight for redress.

What is a Construction Accident?

A construction accident refers to any incident that occurs on a construction site resulting in injury, property damage, or even death. These accidents can encompass a wide range of incidents, including falls, equipment malfunctions, scaffolding collapses, electrical accidents, or incidents related to unsafe working conditions. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the leading causes of construction site fatalities and severe injuries, known as the “fatal four,” include falls, electrocutions, being struck by objects, and getting caught in or between objects.

Often, these accidents are caused by the oversight of site owners, contractors, and sub-contractors.

Who Can Be Held Responsible For a Construction Accident?

Despite the stringent measures in place to protect construction workers from accidents, accidents happen. In such an event, several parties can be held accountable, including:

  • Employers: Those responsible for ensuring a safe working environment and adherence to all necessary safety regulations and protocols.
  • Contractors and Subcontractors: Entities responsible for specific tasks or areas within the construction site, liable for maintaining safe working conditions within their designated areas.
  • Manufacturers and Suppliers: Those responsible for producing and supplying construction materials and equipment, accountable for ensuring the safety and reliability of their products.
  • Site Owners: Individuals or entities owning the property where the construction is taking place, responsible for ensuring the overall safety of the construction site.

Identifying the responsible parties is essential in building a comprehensive legal case to seek rightful compensation for the damages incurred.

Why Do You Need a Montgomery County Construction Accident Lawyer?

Guidance from an experienced Montgomery County construction accident attorney is invaluable. Legal professionals possess knowledge and understanding of the industry and the regulations surrounding it. This enables them to provide you with assistance in various critical aspects of your case, including:

  1. Thorough Investigation and Evidence Collection: An attorney will conduct an exhaustive investigation into the circumstances of the accident, meticulously gathering and analyzing crucial evidence. This may involve scrutinizing construction site protocols, examining equipment maintenance records, and consulting industry experts to establish a comprehensive understanding of the factors leading to the accident. By building a solid foundation of evidence, your lawyer can construct a compelling case that supports your claim for rightful compensation.
  2. Navigating Complex Insurance Procedures: Dealing with insurance companies can be a daunting and complex process, particularly in the context of a construction accident. A knowledgeable construction accident lawyer will skillfully navigate the intricate procedures involved in filing insurance claims, ensuring that your rights are protected and that you receive the full and fair compensation you deserve for the damages and losses incurred.
  3. Advocacy and Legal Representation: Beyond their role in legal procedures, your attorney serves as your dedicated advocate, providing unwavering support and protection for your rights throughout the entire legal process. They will expertly handle all communication with other parties involved, including employers, contractors, and insurance companies, advocating for your best interests and ensuring that you receive the necessary care and compensation for your injuries, financial losses, and emotional distress.

Why Choose Raynes & Lawn As Your Montgomery County Construction Accident Lawyer

Raynes & Lawn is a trusted legal firm with a strong commitment to advocating for individuals affected by construction accidents in Montgomery County. By choosing Raynes & Lawn, you benefit from:

  • Extensive Experience: A team of seasoned attorneys with a wealth of experience in handling complex construction accident cases.
  • Compassionate Approach: A dedicated and compassionate approach that prioritizes your well-being while aggressively pursuing the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve.
  • Proven Results: A history of securing significant settlements and verdicts for our clients, demonstrating our dedication to achieving the best possible outcomes for those we represent.

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Construction accidents can leave individuals and their families grappling with profound physical, emotional, and financial challenges. When faced with the aftermath of a construction accident, seeking guidance and support from a knowledgeable legal team is crucial. At Raynes & Lawn, we understand the complexities surrounding construction accident cases and are committed to providing dedicated advocacy and support for individuals in Montgomery County. Schedule your consultation today by calling 1-800-535-1797 or by filling out the contact form.

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