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Each year, a sizeable number of accidents happen in Franklin Township, New Jersey. Some of these incidents are truly inadvertent and can’t be prevented. However, others are the result of negligence, recklessness, or wrongful behavior by individuals or organizations. New Jersey law allows people who are injured by other people or companies to file personal injury lawsuits against those who caused their injuries. These types of lawsuits can be filed whenever someone causes another person’s injuries through negligent or intentional acts. Personal injury law covers a broad variety of different types of preventable accidents resulting from negligence or wrongful conduct. By filing a legal action, a victim might recover monetary compensation for the losses they have suffered while holding the defendant accountable for their conduct.

Compensation in an injury claim might be available to pay for the victim’s out-of-pocket losses from the past and future as well as their non-economic losses. In rare cases, punitive damages might also be available. Punitive damages are only awarded in situations in which the defendant’s conduct was particularly outrageous and are paid in addition to the compensatory damages the victim is awarded. The injury lawyers at Raynes & Lawn have more than 50 years of experience and extensive resources to represent negligence victims. We can review your case and explain its legal merits and your rights.

Personal Injury Attorneys In Franklin Township, NJ

Personal injury law is also known as tort law. Claims are handled in civil courts where the potential consequences for defendants are much lower than they would be in criminal courts. If a defendant is found liable in a personal injury case, they will not face a sentence to jail or a loss of their civil rights. Instead, successful personal injury plaintiffs recover monetary damages by holding defendants liable.

Since injury lawsuits do not involve a potential loss of the defendant’s freedom or civil rights, plaintiffs must meet a lower burden of proof than what criminal prosecutors must prove to win criminal cases. To prevail in a civil injury lawsuit, a plaintiff must prove that the events more likely than not occurred as the plaintiff has argued. By contrast, a prosecutor must prove a defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt before a defendant can be found guilty of a crime. Plaintiffs can file injury lawsuits whether or not criminal charges have been filed against the defendants. In some cases, plaintiffs can achieve justice through a civil injury lawsuit even though a defendant has not been criminally charged or if the defendant has been found not guilty in a related criminal case.

Auto Accident Attorneys In Franklin Township, NJ

Many Franklin Township residents are involved in car crashes each year. In most cases, an auto accident will be a fairly minor annoyance and only involve damage to the owner’s car. However, some car accidents are more serious and injure or kill victims. When a car accident results from the negligent driving behavior of a motorist, a defective car part, maintenance failures, or other types of negligence, the victims can file injury lawsuits to recover compensation for their losses.

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Premises Liability Attorneys In Franklin Township, NJ

In New Jersey, people and businesses who own or operate property must keep it in a reasonably safe condition to prevent others from suffering injuries. This legal duty extends to visitors who are lawfully present as invited guests or for legitimate business reasons. A property owner must inspect their property and promptly repair any known hazards to prevent visitors from suffering injuries. When a property owner fails in this duty, they might be liable to pay damages to someone who is injured by the uncorrected hazard. Our premises liability lawyers can review what happened in your case and explain your next steps to recover compensation.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys In Franklin Township, NJ

Doctors can’t guarantee the outcome of treatment, and you might be unhappy with the treatment you or your loved one received. However, being unhappy with your medical care doesn’t mean that malpractice has occurred. Instead, medical malpractice involves mistakes made by healthcare professionals that are serious enough to violate the expected standard of care and result in serious patient injuries or death. If you think that your injuries or your loved one’s death resulted from medical negligence, you should speak to our medical malpractice lawyers to learn about the remedies that might be available.

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Sexual Abuse Attorneys In Franklin Township, NJ

Thousands of children in the U.S. are sexually abused each year despite criminal laws that provide severe punishments for these heinous crimes. In some cases, sexual predators get away with crimes because of coverups by respected institutions for which they work. Sexual abusers can be trusted individuals and work in positions through which they have easy access to potential victims, including teachers, coaches, bus drivers, pastors, priests, and others. When a school, church, athletic organization, or another similar institution learns about sexual abuse and takes steps to conceal what occurred, they harm both the victims of abuse and potential victims in the future.

At Raynes & Lawn, our sexual abuse lawyers dedicate themselves to exposing organizations that hide sexual abuse and the perpetrators who abuse children. In sexual abuse cases, our goals are to bring accountability and justice to our clients while recovering damages for their losses. We strive to prevent other children from becoming victims in the future by holding the defendants accountable.

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