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In Deptford Township, New Jersey, accidents are almost a fact of life. People are injured in a variety of incidents. While some accidents can’t be prevented, others are precipitated by the careless conduct of other people. New Jersey recognizes the legal rights of people who have been harmed by others to seek compensation for their losses through legal claims called personal injury lawsuits. Personal injury attorneys represent people who have been injured because of the negligent or intentional actions of others to help them hold the responsible parties accountable while recovering fair compensation for all of their losses. At Raynes & Lawn, our clients benefit from our more than five decades of experience, our extensive resources, and the litigation skills of our team when they pursue justice for what has happened.

Personal Injury Attorneys In Deptford Township, NJ

Personal injury lawsuits are civil tort actions that address civil wrongs committed by individuals or corporate entities against others and cause the victims to sustain injuries. Since they are civil cases, the defendants do not face the risk of incarceration if the plaintiffs succeed. Instead, civil cases involve monetary damages to compensate plaintiffs for the losses they have suffered because of the actions or inactions of the defendants.

Since criminal cases place the freedom and civil liberties of defendants at risk, they require prosecutors to meet a much higher burden of proof than what is required of plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits. Because of this difference, it is easier to prove a personal injury case than a criminal matter. Plaintiffs are allowed to pursue compensation through civil lawsuits at the same time that the defendants are facing criminal litigation. In some cases, a plaintiff might hold a defendant liable in a civil lawsuit when the defendant is found not guilty in a related criminal case concerning the same conduct. Regardless of whether the defendant has been criminally charged, filing a personal injury lawsuit might allow you to achieve justice for the wrongs done to you.

Auto Accident Attorneys In Deptford Township, NJ

An unexpected car accident can change the course of your life. If you sustain serious injuries in a collision caused by someone else, you might be contending with rapidly increasing medical bills and income losses while also working to physically and emotionally recover.

All motorists in New Jersey are legally required to drive with the same caution and care that reasonably prudent drivers would exercise. When they violate their legal duty of care and cause accidents, the at-fault motorists might be liable in a car accident lawsuit. Our attorneys focus on helping car accident victims recover maximum compensation for their losses so that they can move forward with their lives.

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Premises Liability Attorneys In Deptford Township, NJ

Business and residential property owners must inspect their premises and promptly correct any dangerous conditions that they find or reasonably should discover. This duty is meant to prevent lawful visitors from sustaining foreseeable injuries from existing dangers. When a property’s owner or operator breaches their legal duty, a visitor who is harmed as a result can seek compensation by filing a premises liability lawsuit. Our premises liability team knows how to investigate these types of incidents and build strong cases to prove the liability of the property owners to insurance companies and juries.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys In Deptford Township, NJ

When people are injured or ill, they seek medical care to try to recover. In most cases, doctors and other healthcare professionals deliver quality care. Doctors can’t guarantee that a patient will enjoy a specific outcome of treatment, but they should provide care meeting the standard of care that a reasonably competent provider would deliver under the same treatment conditions. When a healthcare provider deviates from the standard of care and causes a patient serious injuries, they might be liable for a medical malpractice claim. Because of the complexity of these types of claims, our medical malpractice lawyers partner with highly knowledgeable medical experts to ensure we can help our clients recover the compensation they deserve.

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Sexual Abuse Attorneys In Deptford Township, NJ

Civil sexual abuse cases seek to hold sexual predators accountable for their actions and to prevent others from being victimized in the future. Child sexual abuse is a pervasive problem in every state, including New Jersey. While sexual abusers face severe penalties if convicted, many continue to seek out victims regardless of what might happen to them. Unfortunately, some religious, athletic, and educational institutions that learn their employees have sexually abused children either turn a blind eye to what has happened or take steps to conceal their conduct. This places other children at risk of victimization as the predators continue without punishment.

Our civil sexual abuse attorneys seek to hold both sexual predators and institutions that allow it to happen accountable by filing lawsuits on behalf of our clients. We want to bring the egregious actions of the offenders and the institutions that protect them to light while seeking both compensatory and punitive damages for our clients.

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