Tragically, tens of thousands of children are sexually abused in the United States every year. Sometimes, access to the children is provided by the very institutions – universities, schools, churches or camps – that are supposed to be protecting them. Using their position of authority and trust, predators can be coaches, teachers or counselors who intimidate the child into not reporting the sex abuse.

For decades, the attorneys at Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer have advocated for these children, working to hold responsible not only the abuser but also the institution that all too often turned its back on the child. Working with counselors experienced in assessing and counseling abused children, Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer works to determine the long-term consequences of the abuse and the child’s needs for treatment. Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer’s fundamental commitment to maintaining client confidentiality is particularly important for the child and family. A goal in every case is not only to secure the child’s financial future but also to help ensure that this never happens again.

Significant Cases

“Extraordinary” settlement for Sandusky victim

Raynes McCarty had the privilege and responsibility of representing the most severely injured of the children abused by Jerry Sandusky. The child had been introduced to Sandusky at the Second Mile summer camp years after Penn State University had been alerted to Sandusky’s pattern of abusing young boys.

Confidential arbitration award for team member assaulted by coach

In sports, the coach holds tremendous power and control over the members of his team. The influence can yield athletic achievements and success. And, unfortunately, the influence can be abused by the coach engaging in sexual relations with the team member.

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