Confidential Multi-Million Dollar Settlement for Greek Landslide Fatality

While vacationing with his family in Santorini, Greece – one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world – a Massachusetts financial planner was killed when he was swept by a landslide from a cobblestone path leading from the water’s edge up to the cliffs formed by the volcanic eruption that created the island. The travel agency that arranged the trip is based in Pennsylvania and the family was referred to Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer. As we would learn in the course of a year-long investigation, the location where the accident occurred presented the highest landslide risk in the Santorini island complex. Only a year before the accident, a major landslide – prompting news coverage on Greek national television – occurred at precisely the same location where our client would later be killed. Industry practice required the travel agency to keep abreast of safety conditions and warn their customers. Overcoming a defense that the accident was an Act of God that could not have been anticipated, Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer achieved a confidential multi-million dollar settlement that secured the family’s financial future.

Confidential U.S. Settlement for Paris Air Terminal Collapse

A talented young doctor flying home to New York after her wedding was killed in the collapse of Terminal 2E of the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France.

Her widower, living in New York, believed he should not have to cross the Atlantic to vindicate his wife’s memory, and sought relief in American Courts. Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer’s lawyers coordinated a sophisticated legal strategy under the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act and the Warsaw Convention, demonstrating that the defendants generated substantial revenues from business activities in the Unites States. Arthur Raynes and Marty Brigham produced a compelling settlement video, contrasting the joy and hope of the wedding with the despair and pain caused by this tragic death. Faced with the likelihood that American courts would sustain jurisdiction, the defendants settled the case through court ordered mediation.

Confidential Multimillion Dollar Recovery for Kenyan Air Crash

Four Pennsylvanians on a trip to Kenya, Africa, died when the aircraft they were traveling in failed to climb over a mountain range and crashed, killing all on board. To secure a needed financial recovery for the families, jurisdiction over the foreign travel companies needed to be established in the United States. When American law did not appear to provide a remedy for the families, the applicable Kenyan law was researched in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. which supported bringing the cases in America. Once U.S. jurisdiction was established, one of our attorneys set about proving our clients’ case in a Philadelphia courtroom under the principles of Kenyan law. A confidential multi-million dollar settlement was then reached.