$7,400,000 verdict under the Federal Tort Claims Act

A troubled veteran under psychiatric care at a Veterans Administration treatment facility was released, and tragedy followed: he murdered two of his children and two of their friends, followed by the veteran’s suicide. The children’s mothers asked Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer to hold the government accountable for their losses. Regina Foley developed the evidence to establish that the Veterans Administration was grossly negligent, the standard of proof required by the Mental Health Procedures Act. The case was tried to a federal judge, sitting non-jury, who concluded that the VA was grossly negligent and awarded damages that honored the lives lost.

Confidential Settlement for Client Whose Prior Lawyer Committed Malpractice

Unfortunately, sometimes lawyers do not fulfill their responsibilities to a client; when lawyers violate their duties they should be held accountable.  In 2014, a hospital worker was facing harassment and retaliation at her workplace in Pennsylvania.  She consulted a lawyer who, instead of filing charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, filed suit in New Jersey, where the Court had no jurisdiction over the case.  In order to cover up her mistakes, the lawyer then filed forged documents in Court.  When the hospital worker discovered what her attorney had done, she immediately fired the lawyer and went to Harold Goodman, one of the deans of the employment law bar.   Because of the prior lawyer’s mistakes and fraud, the worker lost any right to go against the hospital.  Harold Goodman and Amber Racine pursued a legal malpractice case against the lawyer which resulted in a settlement that fully compensated the client, who is now working at another hospital.