$24 Million Confidential Settlement for Construction Site Accident

As the operator of a large piece of construction equipment sat down in the cab, he unintentionally moved the joystick control, causing the boom to swing uncontrollably and knock a piece of equipment onto a young man standing nearby. The innocent bystander became a quadriplegic. The Raynes team of Roy DeCaro, Dan Bencivenga and Marty Brigham, established that the excavator manufacturer’s design violated international safety standards, ignored safety alerts from its country’s OSHA, and lacked a commercially available alternate design that would have prevented the injury. After jury selection had been completed, the defendants settled for $24,000,000.

$18.3 Million Verdict for Young Driver Partially Paralyzed in One-Car Accident

On a warm Saturday night, a young man was driving his car along a freshly paved stretch of country road when he came to a small bridge. He didn’t know that the construction company, that was repaving the road, had just milled a small area adjacent to a bridge, leaving a two inch high ridge along the expansion joint. Without any warning so he could slow down, the driver hit the ridge, causing his car to go out of control and slam into a stone wall, causing him to become partial paralyzed. Although the construction company argued that the accident was due to the young driver speeding, the team convinced the jury that the construction company and the engineering firm, that was supposed to be overseeing the work, caused the accident.

$23 Million Verdict for Delayed Diagnosis of Encephalitis

A 36-year-old successful business woman was found by her mother to be confused and lethargic. As her mother drove her to the nearest emergency room, she developed a droop on one side of her face, strongly suggesting a potential disease process in the brain. Tragically, the emergency room staff delayed the proper treatment until after she had suffered a profound brain injury. A Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer team led by Tim Lawn and Stephen Raynes convinced the jury that viral encephalitis should have been high on the doctor’s list of potential diagnoses shortly after her arrival at the hospital. By presenting the testimony of highly respected doctors, Lawn and Raynes persuaded the jury that time was of the essence, and that a timely first dose of medication could have stopped reproduction of the virus before it caused a permanent brain injury. The result achieved allowed this family to provide for their daughter’s needs over the remainder of her life.

$10,250,000 Verdict in Swimming Pool Accident

Richard dove from a wooden deck into a backyard, aboveground swimming pool, not understanding its shallow depth. He struck his head on the bottom and was paralyzed. Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer sued the manufacturer of the pool liner on Richard’s behalf, because the liner had neither adequate depth markers nor warnings against diving. At trial, Roy DeCaro convinced a federal jury to return a $10,250,000 verdict in favor of our client. In response to the verdict, swimming pool manufacturers improved their warnings about the dangers of diving into these pools.