When an accident results in the death of a loved one, surviving family members need emotional support and guidance through a maze of uniquely complex legal issues. Proving who is responsible for the accident is only the first challenge. Other obstacles include the intricate rules about what damages the family and estate may seek, where the suit should be filed, how income and estate taxes may apply, and a host of other special legal hurdles.

At Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer we have represented the surviving families and estates of those killed by others. We are fortunate that one of our attorneys literally wrote the Pennsylvania law that preserves the rights of surviving families to pursue a legal claim.

Significant Cases

$5 Million Wrongful Death Settlement for Montgomery County Hospital Ignoring Complaints of Severe Headache

An Emergency Department physician ignored Jason’s complaint of a severe headache, which actually signaled the presence of a colloidal cyst that was increasing intra-cranial pressure.

Confidential Settlement for highway construction worker killed by Milling Machine

A milling machine operator couldn’t see a co-worker, John, who was in a blind spot. Tragically, John was literally ground to death.

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