All professionals—including lawyers, accountants, engineers, and architects—have a duty to serve their clients well. When professionals do not fulfill that duty, they should be held responsible for the losses inflicted upon their clients. Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer stands ready to counsel and represent these clients.

Professional negligence claims present unique challenges. Emotions run high—the client’s trust has been violated, and the defendant is accused of not living up to the oath of his or her profession. Experts need to be identified who have the professional reputation and integrity to criticize another member of their craft. Clear analysis, communication, and presentation are essential for guiding the client through the process and effectively presenting the case at trial.

Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer attorneys’ reputation for success in this area is evidenced by their regular selection as expert witnesses or mediators in complex legal disputes. We have represented clients in professional malpractice claims arising from a variety of issues.

Significant Cases

$7,400,000 verdict under the Federal Tort Claims Act

A troubled veteran under the care of the Veterans Administration was released from care, and tragedy followed.

Confidential Settlement for Client Whose Prior Lawyer Committed Malpractice

Unfortunately, sometimes lawyers do not fulfill their responsibilities to a client; when lawyers violate their duties they should be held accountable.

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