When used correctly, prescription medications may manage or cure many illnesses. When prescribed or used incorrectly, however, many of these medications can be dangerous. We rely on healthcare providers to protect us—physicians, nurse practitioners and pharmacists must all thoroughly understand the patient’s condition, dangerous drug interactions, allergy risks, and adverse reactions.

Medication error cases can be complex. The attorneys of Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer have been successful in many cases involving prescription liability, and are deeply skilled at uncovering the facts behind these kinds of cases.

Significant Cases

$15 Million Confidential Settlement for Improper Prescription of Blood Thinner

When a young man suffered a massive brain bleed while on Lovenox, a blood-thinner, his family turned to Stephen Raynes to investigate whether his medical treatment was appropriate.

Confidential Settlement Involving National Drug Store Chain

A senior citizen had her prescription filled incorrectly by a national brand chain pharmacy,

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