When insurance companies accept your premium dollars, the law requires them to deal with you in good faith. When insurance companies refuse to live up to all of their obligations, the legal team at Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer is ready to step in. We have forced insurance companies to pay for experimental but potentially life-saving treatment for cancer patients. We have won needed therapy for burn injury and brain injury survivors. We have secured payment for additional surgeries and medicines. When carriers try to create a pretext for denying coverage, we are ready to take them to trial to secure the essential protection. We have also succeeded in representing those unfairly accused of insurance fraud.

Significant Cases

Tens of Millions of Dollars in Potential Insurance Coverage Restored

When Sunbeam Corporation was confronted with the cost of environmental remediation on the land of companies it had acquired, it turned to its insurance carriers to help pay.

Seven Figure Recovery Above UIM Policy Limits Because of Carrier’s Bad Faith

Emily’s car was smashed from behind by a drunk driver who was speeding and didn’t even try to brake before impact.

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