We expect ourselves and our families to be safe in our homes, believing that manufacturers, under the “watchful eye” of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, are selling us safe goods.  Tragically, this is oftentimes not the case.  Many manufacturers compromise on product safety and the CPSC’s limited resources are woefully insufficient. Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer attorneys have decades of experience in successfully representing victims of unsafe consumer products, such as stoves, gas grills, children’s beds, dressers, folding chairs and lawnmowers.  We investigate prior similar accidents, review regulatory oversight, identify alternate safer designs, and hold companies responsible.

Significant Cases

$35 Million in Lifetime Benefits in Stove Tipover Accident

An apartment stove tipped over when a five-year-old boy stood on its open door while trying to reach a pot.

Confidential Multi-Million Dollar Settlement for Woman Burned in Propane Gas Grill Explosion

Concerned about theft, a family stored its propane gas grill in the kitchen when it was not being used.

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