It is no surprise that devastating injuries can result when tons of metal collide at high speeds. Unfortunately, it is not easy to understand the legal maze of your own auto insurance policy and your rights for a fair recovery. The attorneys of Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer can guide you through that maze and represent you, as we have hundreds of others.

Car accidents frequently involve just two parties: our clients and those who injured them because of unsafe driving. A Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer attorney not only helped write Pennsylvania auto law for these types of accidents, he also wrote the book explaining the law to other attorneys.

To achieve positive results for our clients, we work with design engineers, trucking safety experts, and leading industry specialists. When it’s time to explain an accident, we develop advanced computer animations that make the truth very clear to juries.

Significant Cases

$18.3 Million Verdict for Young Driver Partially Paralyzed in One-Car Accident

On a warm Saturday night, a young man was driving his car along a freshly paved stretch of country road when he came to a small bridge.

$15,000,000 Verdict for Car Passenger

In an older section of Philadelphia, a set of decades old trolley tracks ran down the center of the street in a right-of-way reserved for public transit.

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