The human brain and spinal cord are both the most important and the most vulnerable areas of the body. Sometimes, nervous system damage is obvious, such as when a spinal cord is severed in a car accident. Other times, however, the damage is more subtle, such as in “closed head” injuries, which are a common result of falls. Closed head injuries can cause short-term memory loss or patterns of anger that are hard to diagnose.

Whatever the cause, brain and spinal injuries require understanding, experience, and resources. Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer attorneys have worked with victims of spinal cord and brain injuries for decades. We understand the profound ways in which these injuries affect the lives not only of the victims but of their families as well. We strive to secure the financial resources that are essential for a lifetime of medical care, by working closely with rehabilitation planning specialists, neuropsychologists, and therapists.

Significant Cases

$23 Million Verdict for Delayed Diagnosis of Encephalitis

Tragically, emergency room staff delayed proper treatment until after a profound brain injury.

$18.3 Million Verdict for Young Driver Partially Paralyzed in One-Car Accident

On a warm Saturday night, a young man was driving his car along a freshly paved stretch of country road when he came to a small bridge.

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