Children are never more vulnerable than at birth, when their entire futures are in the hands of the medical professionals overseeing the pregnancy and delivery. Overwhelmed by the emotions of birth, parents place extraordinary trust in physicians, nurses, and hospitals to provide the necessary guidance, care, and experience.

Tragically, medical professionals do not always fulfill their responsibilities, and the baby suffers. Mistakes that take only minutes can cause a lifetime of heartache, challenge, and medical care.

For decades, the attorneys at Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer have worked to provide support to families whose children were injured by medical negligence at birth.

As part of our work with families whose children were the victims of medical negligence, we have developed a special focus on children born with undiagnosed metabolic disorders. Click here to learn more.

Significant Cases

$10 Million Settlement During Trial for Birth Injury

A physician failed to recognize the signs of distress from a drop in fetal heart rate during the delivery of a baby which resulted in decreased oxygen going to the baby’s brain and cerebral palsy.

$7.5 Million Settlement at Trial for Brain Damage at Birth

After a normal pregnancy and normal fetal monitoring for more than nine hours, an unborn baby's tests began to deteriorate.

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