The law guarantees every American worker the right to work in a safe and healthy environment. Tragically, that promise is broken far too frequently. For decades, workers and their families have turned to Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer to investigate whether a lawsuit can and should be filed after serious or fatal accidents.

Workers’ compensation benefits – paid by the injured worker’s employer – do not cover all of the losses and consequences caused by work injuries. There is no compensation at all for pain, for the disruption in one’s home life, for worry, and for the loss of life’s pleasures. Wages are only partially replaced. Family members and dependents receive little or no benefits. In some situations, however, lawsuits can be filed to be compensated for these losses.

Lawsuits can be brought against any company or person, other than the employer, who caused or contributed to the accident or worsened the injuries. The award in a lawsuit can be several times the amount paid in workers’ compensation benefits and provide crucial lifetime financial security for the injured worker and their family. An injured worker can receive workers’ compensation benefits while investigating and pursuing a lawsuit.

The attorneys at Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer are committed to fighting for the financial security so needed by the injured worker and their family, having secured multiple multi-million dollar recoveries. We also work to ensure that in the future more workers aren’t hurt in the same way. We strive in every one of our client’s cases to promote safer work practices, to redesign products, and to revamp training.

Our lawyers have written manuals and articles on safety in the workplace. Attorney Martin Brigham was lead author of Injured on the Job, published by the Philadelphia Area Project of Occupational Safety and Health (PhilaPOSH). PhilaPOSH recently recognized Mr. Brigham for his lifetime commitment to promoting workplace safety.

Significant Cases

$19 Million Settlement for Paralyzed Iron Worker

Jay Hawthorne, a 27 year old ironworker was rendered a quadriplegic when he fell 14 feet while attempting to install metal decking on a rooftop.

$8.5 Million Confidential Settlement for Paralyzed Stone Mason

In violation of safety standards, an extension ladder was being raised with the scaffold to provide access to the work platform.

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