Chuck Hehmeyer Speaks at International Metabolic Conference

Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer partner Charles P. (“Chuck”) Hehmeyer recently spoke at the International Metabolic Conference in Minneapolis, MN, which was hosted by the Fatty Oxidation Disorders Family Support Group and the Organic Acidemia Association. This sold-out event brought together families and professionals to share experiences with and expertise on metabolic disorders – spanning medical, psychological, nutritional, social, educational, and screening issues.

Hehmeyer spoke alongside D. Holmes Morton, MD, an internationally-known physician who specializes in genetic disorders of Amish and Mennonite children. The two presented “Emergency Protocols for Children with Rare Diseases,” discussing the documentation families and medical professionals should have in place so that, in case of hospitalization, no time is lost in successfully treating the child.

Hehmeyer has represented families across Pennsylvania and nationwide who have a child with a metabolic disorder or inborn error of metabolism, securing many seven and eight-figure recoveries when those children were severely injured by substandard hospital or physician treatment. More importantly, Hehmeyer works through those cases to ensure that medical facilities change or implement screening policies to identify disorders earlier and provide appropriate treatment for the afflicted children.