Largest Wrongful Death Recovery Ever From a Private Person

Nancy Schultz turned to her family lawyer for guidance after her husband, Olympic wrestler Dave Schultz, was murdered by John du Pont.

Her personal attorney knew that she needed strong representation in her claims against the resources of this wealthy man, and chose to team together the law firms of Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer and Litvin Blumberg. Close bonds forged among the attorneys from the two firms during this case led to many of the Litvin attorneys ultimately joining Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer. The case was reported in the press to have resolved for $35,000,000 and was described as the largest wrongful death recovery from a private person in United States history. Read More

$10,250,000 confidential settlement for fatal trucking accident

Tim was a talented young man who had distinguished himself in public service, and was just starting to build a new career when he was killed in a fiery accident.

His car was stopped in traffic because of highway construction when a truck rear-ended it, causing it to burst into flames. The trucker had only limited insurance, so a team of Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer lawyers investigated the precautions taken by the road builders and government officials to alert approaching motorists of the construction and the need to slow down. Exhaustive discovery involving more than 40 depositions proved that responsibility for the accident rested on several parties, resulting in fair compensation for Tim’s widow and son.

$5,700,000 Verdict in Fatal Car Crash

Florence Gormley was killed in a car crash when a van driven by a Choice Courier employee skidded into her. Roy DeCaro convinced a federal court jury to award $1.8 million in compensatory damages for this homemaker, even though she had never worked outside of her home. The jury also awarded $3.7 million in punitive damages because the company’s vans had bald tires, which it had neither inspected nor corrected.

$4,250,000 settlement for deceased mother on public assistance

Jean was a young woman who became pregnant with twins at a point where she was unemployed and on public assistance. Because of anesthesia mistakes, she died after childbirth. The defendant hospital tried to minimize the loss, arguing that her lack of employment at the time and minimal experience in the workplace made the case one of limited value. Raynes partners Jerry McHugh and Martina McLaughlin rejected this thinking, and retained a national expert on the importance of a mother’s presence in the lives of children. The children’s father had abandoned them, effectively making the children orphans. By thoughtfully building a case on the twins’ loss of parenting, the children’s financial future was assured.

Confidential Settlement for highway construction worker killed by Milling Machine

Milling machines are used to grind off the top layer of a road prior to re-paving. Because of its size, it is difficult for the operator to see everything in the path of the machine unless the machine is designed to have effectively positioned mirrors. A milling machine operator couldn’t see a co-worker, John, who was in a blind spot. Tragically, John was literally ground to death. Martina McLaughlin conducted extensive research and discovered evidence that the defendant had formulated–years before John’s death–visibility specifications and had tested mirrors that would have provided visibility along the sides of the machine and prevented the accident. This evidence overshadowed the defendant’s attempt to blame the victim or machine operator and led to a significant settlement.

$14,000,000 Confidential Settlement for Pediatric Malpractice

When an honors student died mysteriously in the hospital after months of inpatient treatment for gastrointestinal symptoms, her parents turned to Chuck Hehmeyer to find out why. Tragically, her physicians had made the wrong initial diagnosis and then performed the wrong type of surgery. Ignoring the signs of her deteriorating condition which should have alerted them, her doctors never reexamined their diagnosis while she slowly and painfully wasted away until she died. As part of the settlement, the hospital instituted new patient safety procedures to help ensure that this never happened to another child.

$8,125,000 Recovery for Estate of Anchorwoman Jessica Savitch

When anchorwoman Jessica Savitch drowned in the Delaware River canal, the family turned to Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer. One of the offensive positions taken by the responsible parties was that Ms. Savitch’s future earnings were limited because Ms. Savitch was a woman who would lose her position as an anchor as she aged and lost her youthful looks. With supporting testimony from her peers in the news industry, Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer was able to demonstrate that Ms. Savitch earned her anchor role because of her skill. When the case resolved, the Firm with the strong support of the family established scholarship funds for women in journalism at Temple University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Ithaca College, Ms. Savitch’s alma mater.

$5 Million Wrongful Death Settlement for Montgomery County Hospital Ignoring Complaints of Severe Headache

When Jason–a young single man–arrived at a Montgomery County hospital, the Emergency Department physician ignored Jason’s complaint of a severe headache, which actually signaled the presence of a colloidal cyst that was increasing intra-cranial pressure. After twelve hours of neglect, Jason died.

Because Tim Lawn had successfully tried in NJ another client’s case related to the failure of an Emergency Room doctor to diagnose a colloidal cyst, Mr. Lawn was asked to lead the Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer team that in the Estate’s claims against the hospital. Mr. Lawn documented the negligence, oversaw the effective presentation of damages, and negotiated a $5,000,000 settlement even before the case was listed for trial.

$3,800,000 Verdict in Delaware County for Failure to Treat Sepsis

Janice died as the result of an overwhelming sepsis infection after being in Riddle Memorial Hospital for 14 hours. Over a seven day jury trial, Roy DeCaro convinced the Delaware County jury that Janice’s doctors should have acted more quickly to save her life; prompt medical care would have saved her life. The jury awarded $3,800,000 to the family, one of the largest awards ever in this County for medical malpractice.

Confidential Settlement for Fatal Reaction to Chemotherapy

Doctors at a major teaching hospital failed to buffer the Methotrexate chemotherapy with folic acid, leading to a child’s death.