$15 Million Confidential Settlement for Improper Prescription of Blood Thinner

When a young man suffered a massive brain bleed while on Lovenox, a blood-thinner, his family turned to Stephen Raynes to investigate whether his medical treatment was appropriate. The massive brain bleed caused the man to be quadriplegic with lock-in-syndrome. Because the drug had been only recently introduced to the market, there was a dearth of epidemiological evidence regarding the safety of its use. Stephen Raynes led the Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer team with Tim Lawn and Joe Traub to assemble a team of experts in pharmacology, FDA labeling, hematology, internal medicine and cardiology and determined that there was no proper scientific evidence that the prescribed blood thinner was as safe as the available standard blood thinners in this clinical setting. As a result of those efforts, the team secured a confidential settlement to ensure financial security and medical services for the client and his family

Confidential Settlement for Fatal Reaction to Chemotherapy

Doctors at a major teaching hospital failed to buffer the Methotrexate chemotherapy with folic acid, leading to a child’s death.

Anesthetic Settlement that Changed the Standard of Care

An unsafe dosage of the medication Bupivacaine led to a fatally toxic reaction in a patient’s cardiac tissue.

Recovery for Fifty Quebec Families with Children Injured by Thalidomide

In trying to expand their market from Europe to the United States and Canada, international drug companies claimed that thalidomide was safe and would help women cope with the symptoms of pregnancy. Evidence, however, was mounting that the drug caused severe birth defects, including deformed limbs. When the families of Quebec children born with thalidomide-related birth defects were told that all of their claims were barred under Quebec law, they turned to Arthur Raynes, who had tried the first thalidomide case in the U.S. Commencing a coordinated legal battle in multiple states where the U.S. drug company had significant business interests, Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer overcame the procedural hurdles thrown up time and time again by the multinational drug conglomerates. When it became clear that a jury would hear in detail about the egregious misconduct of the companies, they settled the claim of every family. Mr. Raynes met with more than 50 affected families and earned Canadian and American court approval of what he had accomplished.

$2,000,000 Settlement for Improper Prescription of Lovenox to 70-Year Old

Following a laminectomy, Anthony, then in his 70s, was prescribed Lovenox, a blood thinner. The hospital staff prescribed the Lovenox too soon after the surgery that resulted in an epidural hematoma that caused neurologic damage and contributed to his death.

Stephen Raynes deposed the treating surgeon who agreed that Lovenox should not have been prescribed. With liability virtually admitted, Mr. Raynes focused on demonstrating how this error affected Anthony’s life. The case settled for $2,000,000.

Recovery for 1,354 Spanish Hemophiliacs Infected with HIV Virus

An international pharmaceutical company distributed a blood factor concentrate that was contaminated with the HIV virus to hemophiliacs in Spain. Because of our success in the thalidomide cases, Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer was retained to represent all infected Spaniards. After assembling a team of top Spanish legal and medical experts, Stephen Raynes and Arthur Raynes were able to compel a substantial settlement.

Confidential Settlement Involving National Drug Store Chain

A senior citizen had her prescription filled incorrectly by a national brand chain pharmacy, leading to avascular necrosis of her hips, serious complications and hospitalization. Martina McLaughlin used the defendant’s own procedure manuals to prepare requests for admissions documenting that the pharmacy’s violation of its own policy led to the error. Settlement promptly followed.