$18.3 Million Verdict for Young Driver Partially Paralyzed in One-Car Accident

On a warm Saturday night, a young man was driving his car along a freshly paved stretch of country road when he came to a small bridge. He didn’t know that the construction company, that was repaving the road, had just milled a small area adjacent to a bridge, leaving a two inch high ridge along the expansion joint. Without any warning so he could slow down, the driver hit the ridge, causing his car to go out of control and slam into a stone wall, causing him to become partial paralyzed. Although the construction company argued that the accident was due to the young driver speeding, the team convinced the jury that the construction company and the engineering firm, that was supposed to be overseeing the work, caused the accident.

$6,000,000 for Young Father Killed in Fiery Crash

Roy DeCaro led the Raynes Lawn Hehmeyer team called upon to represent in federal court the family of a young husband and father who was burned to death when his car was struck by a tractor trailer in Delaware County.

Seven Figure Recovery Above UIM Policy Limits Because of Carrier’s Bad Faith

Emily’s car was smashed from behind by a drunk driver who was speeding and didn’t even try to brake before impact. Emily suffered permanent brain damage, including short term memory loss. The striking driver had only $250,000 in coverage, but fortunately Emily had one million dollars in UIM coverage. Demonstrating profound bad faith, the UIM carrier refused to pay the policy, forcing Stephen Raynes to take the case to arbitration. Mr. Raynes presented evidence that convinced the panel – including the carrier’s selected arbitrator – to award $4,300,000. In light of the carrier’s bad faith, Emily’s case ultimately settled well in excess of the policy.

$15,000,000 Verdict for Car Passenger

In an older section of Philadelphia, a set of decades old trolley tracks ran down the center of the street in a right-of-way reserved for public transit. Because the various governmental units involved could not agree who had the legal responsibility for maintaining the tracks, the condition of the tracks and the surrounding road severely deteriorated. The dangerous condition of the road caused the driver of a car to lose control; tragically, the passenger suffered serious orthopedic injuries. Investigation of the accident revealed the interagency bickering. The agencies again would not fulfill their responsibilities by compensating the passenger for her injuries, thereby forcing her to trial. At trial, the jury returned a $15,000,000 verdict.

$5,700,000 Verdict in Fatal Car Crash

Florence Gormley was killed in a car crash when a van driven by a Choice Courier employee skidded into her. Roy DeCaro convinced a federal court jury to award $1.8 million in compensatory damages for this homemaker, even though she had never worked outside of her home. The jury also awarded $3.7 million in punitive damages because the company’s vans had bald tires, which it had neither inspected nor corrected.