Tim Lawn spent the first seven years of his career representing physicians in malpractice cases. In 1996, Tim “switched sides” and has devoted the past 22 years representing those who have suffered serious injuries or death as a result of the wrongful acts of others. He has secured multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for clients injured or killed by medical malpractice, defective products, motor vehicle accidents, and workplace injuries. Tim’s recent verdict of $40.2 million on a medical malpractice case is believed to be the largest personal injury verdict ever awarded by a jury in Delaware County, PA.

Mr. Lawn has repeatedly been selected by his peers to be on the Top 100 Super Lawyers list in Pennsylvania.  He has been listed in The Best Lawyers in America© every year since 2010. He is a Fellow of both the International Academy of Trial Lawyers and the American College of Trial Lawyers. Membership in both of these organizations is extended by invitation only to those who have demonstrated exceptional courtroom skill and the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. Presently, Tim is the President of the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association.  Recognized as an excellent teacher of courtroom advocacy skills, Tim spent 10 years teaching advanced trial advocacy at Beasley Law School of Temple University, and he is frequently asked to give seminars and presentations for other lawyers. Along with Peter Hoffman, a veteran civil defense lawyer, Tim provides the Civil Law Update presentation to trial judges from across the Commonwealth at the bi-annual Pennsylvania State Conference of Trial Judges.

Tim serves as the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Dave Palmer Memorial Foundation, a tax-exempt public charity that he founded in 1992. Since its inception, the Foundation has provided close to a half million dollars of financial assistance to children who have lost a parent to an untimely death. Tim also is a member of the Board of Directors of Frankie’s World Foundation, a daycare provider for children with medical needs in North Philadelphia.

Tim is a cum laude graduate of Spring Garden College, and The Delaware Law School of Widener University. He was inducted into the Bishop McDevitt High School Alumni Hall of Fame in 2008.


Practice Areas
  • Birth Injuries
  • Brain & Spinal Injuries
  • Car Accidents
  • Dram Shop/Alcohol Liability
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Professional Malpractice
  • Truck Accidents
  • Wrongful Death
  • International Academy of Trial Lawyers
  • American College of Trial Lawyers
  • American Board of Trial Advocates
  • Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association
  • Pennsylvania Bar Association
  • United States Supreme Court Historical Society
  • Lawyers Club of Philadelphia
  • Dave Palmer Memorial Foundation
  • National Institute of Trial Advocacy
  • Spring Garden College, 1984
  • Delaware Law School of Widener University, 1989

Raynes McCarty Team Led by Tim Lawn Secures Largest Delaware County jury verdict in history
When a baby suffered traumatic spinal cord injuries during her birth at Delaware County Memorial Hospital, her parents turned to Tim Lawn and Stephen Raynes to investigate what happened and, if appropriate, seek financial security for their vulnerable daughter. After a detailed expert review, it was clear that the obstetrician failed to protect the baby’s neck during delivery and damaged the spinal cord.

After years of intense work and a two-week hard-fought trial, Raynes McCarty attorney Tim Lawn persuaded a Delaware County jury to award more than $40 million to the now six-year-old girl. The verdict, which totaled $40,258,000.00 and will be increased by delay damages to be more than $47,000,000.00, is believed to be the largest personal injury verdict ever awarded in Delaware County. The defendant doctor and hospital never made a settlement offer. During the trial, Attorney Lawn presented expert testimony from a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, a pediatric neuro-radiologist, a placental pathologist, a pediatric neurologist and pediatric spinal surgeon. Together, these physicians detailed how the baby’s injuries could only have occurred with excessive traction during her delivery.

“This was a vigorously defended case in which the defendants argued that the care was proper and that the injuries occurred well before she was delivered. We knew that was medically inaccurate and set out to prove that improper care caused this catastrophic injury,” commented plaintiff’s lead attorney Timothy Lawn. Attorney Stephen Raynes noted “The jury was exceptionally devoted to finding the truth in this case. Tim’s brilliant courtroom advocacy, on behalf of this deserving little girl, convincingly proved that truth.”

$23,000,000 Verdict for Delayed Diagnosis of Encephalitis
A 36-year-old successful businesswoman was found by her mother to be confused and lethargic. As her mother drove her to the nearest emergency room, she developed a droop on one side of her face, strongly suggesting a potential disease process in the brain. Tragically, the emergency room staff delayed the proper treatment until after she had suffered a profound brain injury. A Raynes McCarty team led by Tim Lawn and Steve Raynes convinced the jury that viral encephalitis should have been high on the doctor’s list of potential diagnoses shortly after her arrival at the hospital. By presenting the testimony of highly respected doctors, Lawn and Raynes persuaded the jury that time was of the essence, and that a timely first dose of medication could have stopped reproduction of the virus before it caused a permanent brain injury. The result achieved allowed this family to provide for their daughter’s needs over the remainder of her life.

$9,700,000 Arbitration Verdict In York, PA for Child Victim of Missed Diagnosis of Meningitis
A young central Pennsylvanian couple, concerned about their infant son’s fevers and loss of appetite, brought him to his local pediatrician. The doctor’s incomplete evaluation, coupled with his improper instructions to the parents as to how they should monitor their son at home, delayed the diagnosis of the boy’s blood infection, which progressed to bacterial meningitis. The meningitis caused the child to become deaf and blind. After two law firms told the family that the malpractice case was too challenging, they came to Tim Lawn. Tim worked to assemble the missing pieces of the puzzle, consulting with a half dozen experts from around the country. Tim was able to win an arbitration verdict that will help take care of this special child’s needs.

$10,000,000 Settlement During Trial for Birth Injury
Labor and Delivery staff failed to recognize the signs of distress from a drop in fetal heart rate during labor.  As a result, the baby’s brain was deprived of oxygen causing permanent brain injury and cerebral palsy.  Tim Lawn analyzed the fetal monitor strips and was able to document that a timely C-section delivery would have prevented any injury. After Mr. Lawn had completed jury selection, the Hospital finally started settlement negotiations. As the trial progressed, the child’s case was settled for $10,000,000.00, which ensured her future.

$5,000,000 Wrongful Death Medical Malpractice Settlement in Montgomery County
Jason arrived at an emergency room of a Montgomery County hospital complaining of a very severe headache. The emergency room physicians who saw him disregarded the significance of Jason’s complaints, attributed his headaches to be migraine, and discharged him to home without performing any diagnostic studies. In fact, Jason’s severe headaches were being caused by a rare colloid cyst in the ventricle of his brain. Had a CT scan been performed, this cyst would have been diagnosed and treated. Because Tim Lawn had successfully tried another client’s case related to an emergency room in New Jersey also failing to diagnose a colloid cyst, he led the Raynes McCarty team representing Jason’s family. Mr. Lawn’s questioning of the doctors at deposition established that the care was negligent. Shortly thereafter, a $5,000,000 settlement was negotiated well before the case could be listed for trial.

$3.8 Million Pre-suit Recovery for Trucking Accident
After 71-year-old Terry was seriously injured when his vehicle was struck by a tractor-trailer, he and his wife turned to Raynes McCarty for help. Tim Lawn and Regina Foley led the Raynes McCarty team who took on the out-of-state trucking company. Terry had a remarkable physical recovery from his orthopedic injuries but continued to suffer from the effects of the closed-head injury. Because the effects on short-term memory and cognitive processing were not noticeable during short interactions, Lawn and Foley completed video interviews with friends and family, who could vividly describe the changes in Terry. Once it received the video settlement presentation, the trucking company requested mediation even before the suit was filed. The case resolved for $3,800,000.

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